A custom design pin Juozas Zikaras „Modern Madonna“ 1928

The metal pin is coated with colored enamel. „Modern Madonna“ (1928) is one of the most popular works by sculptor J.Zikaras, executed in a subtle art deco style. Art connoisseur, priest Adomas Jakštas was filled with indignation at seeing the Madonna's legs! To his mind the sculpture should have been called „Theatre  Actress“, no other way around!!! On the contrary, another priest Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas admired this work and said that the 20th century image of God's Mother was just wonderful.

You can find this exhibit at the J.Zikaras House-Museum, 

J.Zikaro St. 3, Kaunas

Made by Make Heads Turn


Size: 3,0 x 1,0 cm

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