Terms & Conditions

1. General:
1.1. These purchasing-selling terms (later – “Terms”) are legally binding document for both parties, outlining Buyer and Seller’s rights and obligations, acquisition of items and payment for them terms, the delivery and returning procedures of items, both parties responsibilities and other purchasing-selling rules related with “Ciurlionis-shop” online store conditions.
1.2. While placing the order buyer confirms to accept these Terms.
1.3. The contract between the buyer and the seller shall be considered concluded from the moment after the buyer forms a shopping cart, specifies delivery address, choses payment method, familiarizes with Terms and clicks the button “Buy”.

2. Personal data security.
2.1. While ordering items from “Ciurlionis-shop” online store, the buyer must provide the data requested while purchasing: name, surname, address and e-mail address.
2.2. The buyer is responsible for the correct data during the purchase submission.
2.3. While placing the order the Buyer agrees that his personal data will be processed for the order implementation purposes. The buyer also agrees to get e-mail notifications that are needed for the order implementation.
2.4. The Buyer’s personal data may be processed for marketing purposes only when the buyer agrees.
2.5. The Seller commits not to disclose the buyer’s personal data to third parties, except when it is required by the competent authority of the State Ministry for cases provided by law or on a separate written agreement of the buyer.

3. The rights and obligations of the buyer.
3.1. The buyer commits to pay the seller the agreed amount for the ordered items and to accept them.
3.2. To provide a complete, comprehensive and correct information on a payment form.
3.3. If the buyer provides inaccurate, false, or misleading information on a payment, “Ciurlionis-shop” has the right to cancel the buyer’s registration and delete data.
3.4. If buyer’s data submitted in the form of purchasing changes, the buyer must immediately inform the seller.
3.5. The byer has the right to refuse the purchasing-selling contract in accordance with the Rules of Returning items.
3.6. While placing an order in online store “Ciurlionis-shop” the buyer agrees with this purchasing-selling Terms and commits to follow them and required LR legal acts.

4. The Seller’s rights and obligations.
4.1. The Seller agrees to provide all conditions for buyer to proper use the online store “Ciurlionis-shop” services.
4.2. If the buyer tries to damage the stability and security of online shop or breaches his obligations, the seller has a right immediately, without further notice to restrict, suspend or withdraw the buyer’s possibility to buy.
4.3. The seller commits to respect the right to the buyer’s privacy and personal information provided in a purchasing form and not provide it for third parties.
4.4. The seller commits to deliver ordered items at the address, indicated by the buyer.
4.5. The seller in the event of serious circumstances may suspend or terminate the online store operations without prior notice for the buyer.
4.6. The seller may unilaterally change the conditions of these rules.
4.7. If the buyer after change of conditions uses “Ciurlionis-shop” services, it is considered that the buyer has agreed with the changes of the terms.

5. Ordering of items, price, payment arrangements, terms.
5.1. The buyer can purchase at online store 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
5.2. All orders are being accepted only through an online store “Ciurlionis-shop”.
5.3. All prices at online store are in euro.
5.4. The buyer commits to pay the order within two (2) calendar days from the date of order confirmation. The package is being started to prepare only after the payment for the items is received.
5.5. If the buyer fails to make a payment within 2 calendar days, the order is cancelled.

6. Delivery.
6.1. The buyer commits to specify the exact place of delivery.
6.2. The buyer commits to accept the items himself. In case the buyer can not accept the items and the items already are delivered at the address, the buyer has no right to bring any claims against the seller for bad delivery.
6.3. The items for the buyer are sent within 2 working days after the day of payment confirmation.
6.4. In all cases the seller is released from liability for failing to comply with the terms of delivery, if the items for the buyer are not delivered or not delivered in time for the buyer’s fault or due to circumstances beyond the seller.
6.5. The buyer must immediately inform the seller if the shipment is received in a damaged package, if the package consists of unordered items or inadequate amount of items, incomplete item set.
6.6. The buyer must send via e-mail the photos of damaged package and (or) the item.

7. Quality of items, guarantee.
7.1. All the information about the items that are being sold in online store “Ciurlionis-shop” are indicated at each item’s description.
7.2. The quantity of items that are showed in the store may not be always related with the price of the item – the items may be shown more than the price of one unit. Units are identified in the item description. Item color, depending on the buyer’s screen may slightly vary.
7.3. The seller can provide an adequate quality assurance for separate types of items, the specific terms and other conditions are specified in item description.

8.  Marketing and information.
8.1. The seller can organize various promotion offers in online store “Ciurlionis-shop”.
8.2. The seller has the right unilaterally, without prior notice change the terms of the promotions, as well as eliminate them. Any change of the promotion conditions and arrangements, or cancelation is valid from the moment of cancelation or modification.
8.3. The seller sends the messages for the buyer to the e-mail address that the buyer has indicated in a payment form.
8.4. The buyer sends all messages and questions for the seller indicated in section “Contacts” contacts.
8.5. The seller is not liable if the buyer does not get information or the supporting messages due to Internet connection, e-mail service providers networks problems, if the messages are being filtered by the spam folder, or if the buyer indicated incorrect data.
8.6. The buyer’s personal data may be processed for marketing purposes of these Terms under paragraph 2.4.

9. Final provisions.
9.1. These purchasing-selling Terms are formed in accordance with LR laws and regulations.
9.2. These terms are applicable for LR law. Any controversy that comes from implementation of these rules are settled by negotiation. If agreement fails the dispute is settled by the LR law.