The Presidential Palace in Kaunas

Authors: Vilma Akmenytė-Ruzgienė, Ingrida Jakubavičienė, Renata Mikalajūnaitė, Justina Minelgaitė-Plentienė, Marija Navickaitė, Raimonda Rickevičienė
Publisher: Nacionalinis M. K. Čiurlionio dailės Muziejus, 2019
ISBN:  ISBN: 9789955471691
Dimensions: 21,5 x 27,5 x 3,1 cm
Pages: 368
Language: Lithuanian

This book narrates about an exceptional building in Kaunas and the people who lived and worked there. Despite having been built as a fairly modest residential building, this edifice can sport a lavish history. The firm brick walls and the life within them are telling the story of the city and the nation of the last two centuries! The Museum of the Historical Presidential Palace in Kaunas receiving visitors since 2005 represents the two decades of the Independent Lithuania from 1919 to 1940 when the building served as the Presidential Palace; however, other periods are also increasingly attracting visitors and history researchers. Thus the present book is striving to tell whatever the walls of this historic building might wish to narrate.
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