OLGA. Schwede. Švedė. Ra. Deo. Dubeneckienė. Kalpokienė

Publisher: Vilniaus dailės akademijos leidykla
Cover artist: Liudas Parulskis
Editors: Jurgita Jasiūnienė, Regina Pupalaigytė, Rūta Statkevičiūtė, Teresė Valiuvienė
Date of Publication: 2022
Pages: 587
Size: 23,5 x 17  cm
Languages: Lithuanian, Russian

Finally, Olga Dubeneckienė - Kalpokienė regains the position she deserves in the field of art: she is the main heroine in this book. We observe her not only and not so much as a part of the life of architect Vladimiras Dubeneckis and artist Petras Kalpokas. This collective monograph is dedicated to the pioneer of Lithuanian ballet, dance pedagogue and artist, for which the articles were written by Ieva Burbaitė, Helmutas Šabasevičius and the compiler Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė. The publication managed to reveal the almost unknown period of her St.Petersburg studies and the beginning of her artistic activity and firmly place her in the context of interwar dance, ballet, the art and artistic life.

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