Magdalena Birutė Stankūnė-Stankūnienė. On the Road of Flower Covered Nostalgia

Editor: Vida Mažrimienė
Publisher: M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art
Year: 2010
Pages: 232
ISBN: 9955-471-26-4
Book covers: hardcovers
Language: Lithuanian

Universal artist, philanthropist, Lithuanian diaspora cultural figure, patron M. B. Stankūnienė is known both in the USA and Lithuania. Fulfilling her mother's oath: "Visit Lithuania", she constantly made trips to Lithuania for 4 decades, each time leaving a clear mark of benevolence. Thanks to this gesture, museums expanded their collections, catalogs and albums were published, new expositions were created, and cultural centers were established. Her name is compared to the well-known names of Lithuanian art patrons: Tyszkiewicz, Oginski, Pac families. As a generous patron, she is also known in the United States. Her family supported the publishing of the Boston Encyclopedia, the Chicago Lithuanian Opera, she donated to the Lithuanian Foundation, the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC, established awards for artists, and welcomed creators, musicians, and scientists at her home.

The genre of the book is not traditional. This is not a biography, not a summary of the facts of the generous patronage, not a review of the artist's creativity. This publication is like a collection of sketches, creating a portrait of a very colorful personality. The thoughts about the artist and patron from her friends as well as specialists, fragments of her letters, brief elements of her biography, and interpretation of her works in the book form a many-sided portrait of M. B. Stankūnienė.
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