Lina Preišegalavičienė. Lithuanian interwar interiors 1918-1940

Author: Lina Preišegalavičienė
Publisher: "Vox Altera"
Year: 2016
Pages: 270
ISBN: 9786098088182
Size: 17,5 x 23,8 x 2,7 cm
Language: Lithuanian

The monograph discusses the diversity and origins of the aesthetic concept that existed during the interwar period. For the first time, the artistic (aesthetic) features of forgotten Lithuanian public and residential interiors are comprehensively analyzed in order to expand the concept of interior design prevailing in Lithuania today. The book author attempts to perceive the human environment not only as an architectural object but also as an integral part of collective culture and collective identity. The publication is richly illustrated with documentary photographs and project excerpts that visually complement the text. The monograph is intended for scientists, art critics and historians, architects, museologists, collectors, students, and anyone interested in Lithuanian collective culture.