Antanas Žmuidzinavičius

Published by: M.K.Čiurlionio dailės muziejus

Compiled by: Jurgita Rimkutė

Designer: Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas

Lithuanian language editor: Aurelija Gražina Rukšaitė

English language editor: Armandas Rumšas

Translator:  Armandas Rumšas

Photos by: Arūnas Baltėnas

Digital images by: Edgaras Austinskas

Year:  2016

Pages: 223

Format: 28 x19,4 cm

Book covers : paperback

Language: Lithuanian, English

Antanas Žmuidzinavičius is a prominent personality of the State of Lithuania who was a painter, a public activist, and a pedagogue. He happened to live during the years of radical changes in the history of Lithuania. He was the organizer of the first Lithuanian art exhibition, a long-term chairman of the Lithuanian Society of Arts, a member of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union and its leader, a scout in the real spirit of this organization during all of his life and a passionate traveller.

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